Germany 2014 – Arrival

We arrived in Germany today. Probably it was this morning, but how do you tell after a nine-hour flight?

The most fun we had, after a basically uneventful flight, was trying to rent a car.

Rebecca had reserved a car at a reasonable rate, but when we got to the counter, they wanted to add a 25-euro-a-day “insurance” charge. There was a heated discussion with the “supervisor,” but after an hour of arguing and (mild) invective, we drove off in an exorbitantly-priced Volkswagen.

I was able to push it to about 185 kph on the Autobahn, which I figure to be around 120 in human miles.

I’m trying to write this on my Surface. Not the easiest typing experience, even with autocorrect (silly editor kept changing kph to mph). We shall see – I make no promises about photography.


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