Walled Town



Today we traveled to two medieval cities, Bamberg and Sesslach.

Bamberg from Saint Michaels.

Bamberg from Saint Michaels.

We’d planned the trip to Bamberg, but Rebecca’s Cousin Volkart suggesged we also visit Sesslach since we’d be in the neighborhood.  Both of interesting old towns; Bamberg was bombed during the war, but Sesslach was spared.  It is very small and of no tactical significance,



The two towns are not similar.  The four of us in our party were obvious tourists noticed by all the residents of Sesslach,  We were just four more tourists in a big city (population 75,000) in Bamberg, although the eating establishments we visited likekly appreciated our business.  We had beer flavored with ham at Michaelsburg Abby, which is perched atop one of the city’s seven hills (the Rome of Franconia), with grand views of the city below.  You can’t go inside the church itself because the roof is caving in.  We also went to see the Dom, a four-spired cathedral atop another of the hills.

CORRECTIONS:  Many years back I bought a new Forester.  I told my friend Mike Siriano it was red.  I woke up in the middle of the night an sat bolt upright when I remembered the car was blue.  Which is to say, I was informed today the car I’ve been driving is a Skoda, not a Volkswagen.  Also, the town in which we are staying is Reighschwand.  And the fastest I’ve driven so far is 185 KPH, which converts to about 115 MPH.  Still, fast enough for Rebecca to wonder why I’m so reserved when driving in the states.  (It’s called a Speed Limit.)

Note to Robin Capps:  Notice human in first photo, for scale.


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