Day One

Mileage: about 289

June 1, 2015

States entered:  Virginia, West Virginia

Pilot Mountain

Pilot Mountain

It’s raining.

We have encamped at our first waystation, Ace Adventure Resort in Medlin, West Virginia. It’s a jumping off point for rafting trips on the New River (not to be confused with the New River in North Carolina, which is the same New River except it is different).

In a couple of days, we will take one of those raft trips, but for now we are snuggled up in the Weg Wam, glad we’re not in a tent. There is a wifi hotspot at the camp bar, but the signal doesn’t reach here, so I will ex-post post this sometime tomorrow, presumably when it isn’t raining.

The trip was fairly uneventful. We almost got out of the neighborhood before I realized I’d left several gift gasoline cards in the kitchen so we turned around. The second time out was fine.

There was one exciting moment early on, as we were driving around Greensboro. Suddenly behind me, inside the van, I heard a violent crash. My first thought was that a kitchen shelf had collapsed. Then it seemed the microwave had fallen. Fortunately, it was just a couple of plastic boxes full of mostly plastic bottles, and the damage was negligible.

We went through Winston-Salem, then past iconic Pilot Mountain, skirted Mayberry (Mount Airy), then crossed over the Blue Ridge into Virginia, where we learned Charlotte has nothing on points north when it comes go traffic on I-77. It took a good 45 minutes to go five miles.

When we got to Beckley, WV, we stopped at a gas station to use one of the gas cards, and there was a mall right next to us, so we went to the mall to get me a new watch battery. So for the first time in more than two weeks it is not 5:02.

Ace Outdoor Adventures. The umbrella did not survive the night.

Ace Outdoor Adventures. The umbrella did not survive the night.

One thought on “Day One

  1. Yeah well. I got stuck on Turn the Other Cheek. Checking out the tie dye straps on the individual’s wrists…? The Anchorage comment was for this trip…

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