First Hike

We had to replace our home water heater a couple of weeks ago.

The first morning in camp it was time to turn on the hot water to wash some dishes.  I turned on the propane and pushed the switch to activate hot water.  The system balked a couple of times, then kicked in – for about thirty seconds.

No hot water.

Upon close review of the attendant documentation, we discovered the de-winterizing process had not included resetting the valves to the hot water heater to allow waterflow.  So I’d been trying to heat water in an empty tank.

Rebecca turned the valves to the correct position.  Still nothing.

FLS_5030So we went on a hike.  The main hiking trail at Ace leads to an overlook of the New River.  We encountered a small group of nuns reciting prayers at the overlook.  It’s about 1000 feet above the river.  At that distance, the New River in West Virginia could be mistaken for the New River in North Carolina.  It’s serpentine, it’s surrounded by rugged green ridges.

Our hike took us back to the Ace complex, where we wandered a few mountain bike trails before returning to camp.  It wasn’t a strenuous hike, but it was a nice ice breaker for a trip that will be geared toward hiking.FLS_5038

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, it was time to face the music.

Rebecca took one more look under the hood.  “What’s this button?  Push to reset?”

Bingo.  Catastrophe averted.

Next stop, rafting the New.


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