Petoskey walks

We did the park hikes today, and I’d be remiss not to report.

There are two trails, Old Baldy and Portage.  Both are surprisingly strenuous hikes up steep forested dunes and along Blue-Ridge style razor ridges.  It’s hard to believe a ridge made out of sand could hold its shape, but they do.

Old Baldy actually sticks up at least 200 feet. Spoiler alert:  It isn’t bald at the top.  Portage is more of the ridge hike, with very steep sides down both sides from the trail.

Rebecca spotted two lady slippers, and there were  bushels of trilia at the tops of both hikes. Save one, the trilia were past their prime.

Later we biked into town, had a really fancy dinner at Palette Bistro.  We also acquired a Petoskey Stone refrigerator magnet.

Oh, and another brew pub, Beard’s.


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