No Glacier

July 22

Miles: 365

Destination:  St. Regis, Montana

As we were packing up to leave Gardiner, our next-door neighbor came over to ask if he could borrow some plates.  We gave him our small stack of paper plates, no great sacrifice since we have been eating off of Corelle ware mostly.

Seeing Rebecca doing her elbow exercises, he mentioned he is a physical therapist.  Rebecca demonstrated her range of motion, and he said she was doing “Great.”  This was most reassuring.  He also showed her one other exercise to help with her arm extension.

As we started down the road, Rebecca looked up Glacier National Park, our next major destination, on her iPad.


Glacier has a major fire.

So we diverted west, winding up in St. Regis.  We’ll be spending a couple of nights in a state park near Coeur d’Alene


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