Do the Continental

July 26
Miles: 170


We have crossed the continent.

We drove through the southern branch of the Northern Cascades to finish the journey across Washington.

The topography was nothing like what we’d encountered on the western half of the state. I809t was a simple drive through the mountains. The elevation increase was about 3000 feet to the pass. The weather was spitting a little rain, but mostly just cloudy.

FLS_6726Just over Stevens Pass we encountered a nice nature hike with a waterfall, a gorge, and some really big red cedar trees. There are a lot of really big red cedar trees in Washington.

When we reached the bottom, Rebecca found a listing for a store in Everett we decided to visit, Purple Haze. Never in my lifetime would I have expected to see that once-reviled product retailed. It was surprising to discover Washington had sunk to the same level of decadence a Colorado.

We proceeded west to Anacortes and then Whidbey Island, where we encamped at Deception Pass State Park.

Some 3809 miles from Holly Springs, we have reached the other side of the continent.

If you’ve never seen Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in “The Gay Divorcee,” you should.



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