Really Big Pencils

July 27-28
Wildlife: Bald eagles, river otter, heron, kingfisher


You may recall the first campground at which we stayed was Lebanon Cedars in Tennessee.

Here on the other side of America the cedar is different. Bigger. Much bigger. (And sparser.)

FLS_6759The Deception Pass State Park Campground – the most popular state park in the state of Washington – sits just above the Rosarito Strait, which is an extension of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. The Strait of Juan de Fuca separates British Columbia from Washington, and feeds the Pacific Ocean, so the water here is the salt water of the Pacific. There’s also, right next to the ocean, a small fresh-water lake, Cranberry Lake.

The park is located on Whidbey Island, which is separated from Fidalgo Island by a small waterway, Deception Pass. The islands are connected by a pair of bridges.



The two islands have outstanding hiking on either side of the bridgeways.

We first hiked to the bridge (and crossed it/them), and hiked Goose Rock. It was a good workout, climbing 484 feet to the top of the rock, and providing excellent views of the surrounding water, islands and mountains.

The next day we crossed the bridge back to the north and hiked to lighthouse point. It was another beautiful hike, with even better views.

FLS_6863The campground experience itself was a mixed bag. There’s some kind of air or naval base nearby that hosts fighter jets that roar across the sky at any hour of the day (but not at night). And we had the Loud family move into the next campsite. Fortunately, there is not threat of avalanche on this island. A word from Rebecca pointing out we are all out here for the quiet of nature, and the party is much more subdued tonight.




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