Delta Junction to Dawson Creek: Check


We have completed the journey from Delta Junction, Alaska, to Dawson Creek, British Columbia.

Some of you nitpickers will argue we did not drive the entire Alaska Highway, which is correct.  We took the long way from Delta Junction to Tok, adding about 150 miles to the trip.

But some 1500 miles later, we are here in Dawson Creek.

I’m going to blog this out of order.  We went in stages from Tok to Whitehorse, Whitehorse to Watson Lake, Watson Lake to Fort Nelson, and finally the last leg to here.

I didn’t take any pictures on this last leg, other than the gratuitous shot of the Mile Zero arcana.  It’s not that the drive wasn’t pretty, to the contrary, it was another beautiful drive through the fall, with mountains and vistas.  You may not be able to see in the photo, but we’re in short sleeves – we finally outran autumn.  Never fear, cold weather will catch us in Jasper.

But it was mostly a leg to finish.

Unlike the rest of the highway, this final stretch is not solitary.  The petroleum bust has not reached this part of Canada.  The road is filled with industrial trucks.  Many of the RV campgrounds have been taken over for housing for the “roughnecks” as Rebecca found oilfield workers may be called, if the internet is to be believed.  The temporary housing for these workers would be looked upon by refugees from hurricanes with envy, although once you’ve survived the hurricane you probably aren’t going to be confronted with winter days in the double-digit-belows.

In any event, we now have the Canadian Rockies to look forward to, with another 300-or-so mile jaunt to Jasper.  I say “Canadian Rockies” from a different perspective now, having yesterday passed through them where I didn’t realize they were.

I will, internet willing, post this message and then get on with culling the photos and trying to summarize the previous two legs of the trip.


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