Logan Canyon

Logan Canyon

Miles: 300

September 30

New states: Utah

The trip from Jackson to Salt Lake City first goes through Kalispell, where we walked out of a McDonalds, then consulted with a Pleasure Way dealer. It was decided not to unfurl the damaged awning since they didn’t have the parts and it would take days, if not weeks, to order them.

Down the road, we passed a very large lake, where we turned uphill and quickly climbed 2000 to a pass. The other side of the pass led to Logan River Canyon, a great route through steep rock walls that never wanted to quit.

City/County Hall

City/County Hall



City Creek

City Creek

We finally bottomed out in the Wasatch Valley, where we drove to the burgeoning metropolis of Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake City turns out to be a very attractive city. The streets downtown are very wide, with bike lanes. I’m told the streets had to be wide enough for a wagon train to turn around. I may not have that right. There are trolley lines running N/S and E/W.

There’s a nice mix of older buildings in the 10-15 story range and modern reaching to 30 or more stories. The state capitol sits atop a hill on the north end of downtown. It strikes a commanding presence, and it has a great view.

The downtown strikes a sharp contrast to Raleigh, a state capital with a comparable metro population base.

There downtown shopping mall, City Creek, has a creek running through it, reminiscent of the stream running through ATC in Durham, except not as fast-flowing.  We discovered upon exploring a canyon below the capitol that it is an actual creek.

EB1A0505The temple for the Church of Jesus Christ’s Latter Day Saints does not dominate the skyline like European cathedrals, but their compound of a dozen or more buildings does have an obvious presence. All the buildings except the temple are open to the public.

We stayed in downtown motel rooms (we switched motels after an unsatisfactory night in the cheap place) so Rebecca could get some work done.

The brewpub we visited was somewhat disappointing, not offering an IPA on tap, so I had a Polygamy Porter (why have just one?).


Driving south out of town, we saw the downside of SLC: sprawl. Despite being hemmed in on the east by a mountain range, the city sprawls endlessly to the south, and it’s not a pretty sprawl.

Just south of Provo, we turned east through another canyon, and headed for Moab.


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