Santa Fe


October 22

As previously reported, my birthday started out with rain. We hung around the casita playing Scrabble waiting for a break in the weather. I won three straight, a statistically significant event given I usually lose two out of three to Rebecca.


Oldest house

Sometime after noon the rain slacked off, so we set off for the International Folk Art Museum. It was a three-mile walk, and the sidewalk ran out halfway there. Then the rain kicked up, and about a half mile from the museum thunder joined the mix.

We survived and toured the museum. There were lots of dolls and village scenes comprised of dolls. I learned three things from the exhibits: that the weeble was probably derived from a traditional Japanese doll that is a tall cylinder with a simple ball for a head; that there is a protective talisman, a khamsa, derived from a representation of a hand; and I forgot the third one.

The other wing of the museum featured a temporary exhibition of pottery from the American South, whichEB1A0291 turned out to be mostly from Seagrove, North Carolina. Small world.

When we were ready to leave it was pouring rain and about 35 degrees. Where you could see the nearby mountains through the clouds you could make out snow about 400 feet up.

We caught a city bus back to the flat.

Next day we had better weather, so we went walking around town. We started at the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum. There was a room of her paintings and then an exhibition of American Modernism. O’Keeffe married a photographer old enough to be her father, posed nude for him, painted sexually explicit flowers, and was apparently shocked when she was regarded as a sensual artist. She moved from New York City to New Mexico, and her husband never visited her there.


The best discovery of the exhibit was Marsden Hartley.

EB1A0285The rest of the day we just walked around town looking at shops, churches, and old buildings. We walked the length of Canyon Drive, where every house is a gallery of unaffordable fine art and sculptures.

One of my most favorite songs is “Santa Fe,” by Eilen Jewell.  Check it out.

Inside oldest house

Inside oldest house



Unaffordable whirligigs



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