We spent four nights at the lovely home of Brecken and Larry.  I’d be remiss to not mention we came to Colorado to escape the heat, and the hottest day in Denver was a paltry record 102.

Denver from capitol dome

Denver from capitol dome

The road through southern Kansas would have to make you think twice about eating beef.  We passed several cattle feed lots where cows were packed together by the hundreds, lined up shoulder to shoulder with their head in feed troughs.  Hundreds and hundreds; and we passed dozens of cattle trucks hauling more cows to the lots.

The cows were probably happier chowing down than they would be later.

We walked a lot of Denver.  What we saw was a large grid of urban single-family homes built nearly a hundred years ago.  There were nice restaurants frequented by a young hippish crowd.

We had dinner at an interesting taco eatery near the Rockies’ ballpark, in a vibrant commercial district.

Our tour took us to the state capitol.  We were able to explore extensively inside, where we saw the rotunda, as well as both chambers and the old state supreme court.

The highlight was a climb to the capitol dome, including a circumnavigational trip around the dome. Walking across the park outside the capitol, we were offered to purchase drugs not available in the legal dispensaries.



We also saw a Black Lives Matter installation.

Our explorations took us outside the city, where we went on a nice hike in Evergreen.

Larry and Ramsey at Evergreen Mountain

Larry and Ramsey at Evergreen Mountain

My cute photo of Brecken and Larry is in my other camera and hasn’t been developed yet.


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