Guess where I am

Turns out there’s more to St. Andrew’s than a golf course.

For instance, St. Andrew’s University is the oldest University in Scotland. It’s pretty interestingly laid out, with University buildings intermingled with the other buildings of the town.

And there are some interesting ruins, especially a cathedral and a castle.

The waterfront is probably pretty unusual, but the fog was getting thick by the time our late-day walk got us to the shore.

But yes, there is a golf course, the Old Course, the birthplace of golf, and on Sundays they don’t play golf on it – they open it up to the public to take a good walk without having it spoiled.

And that’s what we did.

Compare that to our experience at the car rental office this morning, where we stood in queue for over an hour before we finally got our car, and then through a series of missed turns took a half hour to drive the mile back to our flat to check out.

And then, it turns out to be a major three-day weekend holiday here in Britain, and we were turned away by our first restaurant for want of a reservation.

Fortune smiled on us at our next try, Forgan’s, where the manager squeezed us in, and we had a delightful meal.

Finished off the day with gin flights at the St. Andrews Brewing Company

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