City of Canals – Birmingham?

Birmingham has more miles of canals than Venice – who knew?

The city may not have the highest reputation, but there’s a renaissance going on there. Vibrant downtown, interesting waterway, tons of eateries. Sounds like Raleigh, except for the canals.

Queen Victoria looks down with approval at statue of nude bather.

Building boom should be complete in a couple of years.

Symphony Hall and Conference Center.

That weird yellow and ? building with the circular hat is the city library.

Well, and a little bit of history. For instance, the city’s museum, which is suspiciously similar to the Scotish Museum in Edinburgh, is housed in a Georgio-Victorian building that matches a lot of the older architecture standing in stark contrast to the modern buildings growing downtown.

I suspect Prince Albert had a hand in the development of the museum.

Birmingham Museum has a nice collection of stained glass.


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