Ah, Bath

Bath has the only hot spring in Great Britain, and it’s been a hot vacationing spot since Georgian times.

Before that, it was a hot spot for the Romans. The ruins of the Roman bath were unearthed relatively recently, having been covered up by streets and the more modern Georgian era bath.

Now there’s a museum to which tourists flock. There’s also a live bath/spa for anyone who wishes to take the waters.

Other tourist attractions include an interesting abbey, and a lot of Georgian buildings. Tour buses roll into town mid-morning and disgorge themselves of the hordes, and late in the day swallow them up, so the town seems a relative ghost town in the evening.

Very interesting fanned ceiling in the abbey.

At one time Bath was a small, walled medieval town. There is one stretch of the wall, about 20 feet long, intact, and a single well-hidden minor gate.

The town was bombed by the Germans in 1942 in retaliation for an allied bombing of a couple of historical German resorts.

The Avon River borders the town.

That bridge is lined with shops, reminiscent of Florence’s Ponte Vecchio.

We happened upon this boat diverting from the Avon into a canal by way of locks that were operated by the boaters. Fascinating to see.

There’s a really great free walking your conducted by the “Mayor of Bath” that runs three times a day.

Bonus to whomever identifies the speaker whence this entry’s title was parodied.

We met this pair at breakfast, then ran into them on the walking tour. The lady, Susan, grew up in Greensboro.

3 thoughts on “Ah, Bath

  1. Filbert Hockey, and Camille Schaffer, how do you two know each other? Camille, Filbert Hockey is my brother! Filbert Hockey, Camille and I have been friends/colleagues for years.

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