My Fair City

On a clear day, London is a photographer’s dream. Today was one such day.

The return trip. No champagne before noon.

We started with a boat ride down the Thames to Westminster Abbey.

We were serenaded by the bells of Westminster Abbey.

After our tour, we headed for Westminster Notabbey, e.g. Parliament. However, admission to the building was not free since Parliament was not in session, so we passed in protest.

After brief visits to Hyde Park and Harrod’s, we ducked into the National Gallery to take in a couple of Vermeers.

Hyde Park Rose garden.

Did I mention we walked by Buckingham Palace, where we heard the booming salute of twenty-one cannon, possibly in celebration of the 65th anniversary of the Queen’s coronation.

It turned out the National Gallery is a really nice art museum, and we spent a little time there. For example, the guide said there was a Rembrandt in room 22(?), whereas in fact it was a room full of Rembrandts.

Double your pleasure. Vermeer and Vermeer flanking Rebecca.

Van Gogh draws a crowd no matter where.

A visit to the Tate Modern completed our day.

Self portraiture. Which one is Andy Warhol?

This work of Salvadore Dali raises a lot of questions about fishing while driving.

More photos.

Only Rembrandt with the subject on a horse.

On the other hand … Rembrandt self portraits are a dime a dozen.

Me too!

City Hall.

St. Paul’s.

Below is a shot of that building with the bar and restaurant at the top. (Also prominent in above shot.)

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