High Road

We were having a bit of trouble in our Wyoming cabin, because, contrary to its listing, it did not have a kitchen.

While Alan argued with the on-hold music, I looked for some hiking options.

I ran across a passage claiming America’s most scenic road was in our vicinity.

We decided to bag our second night in Wyoming and to head to our cabin in Montana. And after a bit of discussion we agreed to route the drive along the scenic road, even though it would add two hours to the trip.

As it would turn out, it was more like four.

The Chief Joseph Scenic Byway, which leads to the targeted passage, was breathtaking. We made several stops, including Dead Indian Pass, where historical placards tell of Chief Joseph leading his Nez Perce tribe as they fled the murdering cavalry.

We finally reached the Beartooth All American Road, which lived up to its billing, with snowy mountaintops, Alpine lakes and Meadows, and sheer cliffs.

At over 10,900 feet where it crosses through Beartooth Gap, it is the highest non-park road in the continental U.S.

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